Workplace transformation: Enabling smarter working

Our public sector client has an estate comprising more than 300 properties. In order to shift the focus of funding to frontline work, the organisation set an ambitious target to halve the estate footprint through the development of a smarter working approach.  

Our consultants worked hand in hand with client teams across Property and Digital functions, as well as with frontline staff, to make an holistic assessment of smarter working against the unique challenges faced by the organisation. This assessment covered property and flexible workspace as well as technology, working practices, leadership and staff wellbeing.  

Through this work, our client has been able to identify and build on its successes, and fully realise the opportunities presented by smarter working. Agile Sprints delivered tangible, short-term outputs, injecting dynamism and energy as well as enabling practical culture-change. Embedded within this were smarter working assessment criteria, tailored to the specifics of the client challenge, enabling realistic measurement of behaviour and changes to attitude. 

Clear communications helped overcome change fatigue and build energy and momentum into the work, whilst overall, the organisation has been able to significantly improve workspace utilization within renovated building and provide a work environment that is a better fit for the future. 

Our key client said: “Cadence Innova provided our smarter working programme with a structure to swiftly and honestly ‘bank’ our previous achievements. This quickly turned around a flat level of progress with clear sprints of exciting new activity. Their enthusiasm rapidly achieved better working relations with internal senior stakeholders. Importantly, this appreciation is in clear terms that can be used to influence key people to assist in smarter working priorities” 

If you need help with any of the above or just want to chat, please contact us. We would love to hear from you. 

Creating adaptable, resilient organisations

Our public sector client, a major rail industry organisation, was part of a significant programme at the Department for Transport, focused on transforming ticketing across the national rail network.

Digital services design and development

Closing the Gender Pay gap (GPG) – the difference in earnings received by men and women – was the top strategic priority for our government client, the Government Equalities Office (GEO).

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