We are taking part in the MCA’s Women in consulting network event

The MCA is hosting a ‘Women in Consulting Launch Event’ on November 30th 2020. The event will aims:

  • To provide focus and ignite conversation across the consultancy industry and within MCA Member firms on better representation of women in consulting.
  • To highlight the brilliant careers and stories of women in the industry to inspire more women to join, and become leaders in consulting firms
  • The aim of the event to have the whole industry discussing the challenges, sharing best practice and motivating leaders to deliver change.

As the first in a series of events, this one will set out the framework for further events, outlining future activity. It will be a call to action for attendees to sign up to further contribute and agree to internally promote the Women in Consulting agenda.

We are proud to have been invited. One of our Founding Partners, Gita Singham-Willis will be taking part in the panel discussion. That will be focused on promoting more women in consulting, championing inspirational stories, sharing ideas and working to encourage women into the sector, and to increase progression at senior levels in the industry.

In the words of Gita Singham-Willis herself: “In a changing world, with shifting ways of working, there are opportunities to accelerate women rising to the top in consulting. MCA’s event is a timely forum that will challenge us to do more to create opportunities for women.”

For updates from the event check back our website.


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