We are presenting at Digital Government 2020

22nd September – all day online event

Cadence Innova will be presenting at this year’s Digital Government Virtual Summit on 22nd September.

Digital Government 2020 looks at the progress made on the journey to a digital by default state, as well as the challenges which still need to be overcome. Through best practice case studies and high-level discussions, this event will allow representatives from central and local government, as well as the NHS and private sector an opportunity to fully utilise digitalisation, assembling services quickly and at a lower cost, improving access to services for their users.

Our session will focus on the importance of putting people first when it comes to digital transformation. Sign up to hear about

  • How do you re-focus your digital programmes around empowering your staff?
  • Putting people first – humanising technological innovation through service design
  • Leveraging local conditions to change the stories your people are telling to support change
  • Ensuring your organisation can transform to weather long term uncertainty

The event will have a mix of live and pre-recorded sessions. We will present live, which will give attendees the opportunity to ask questions and engage with the presenters.

Register* to the event and gain access to:

  • all content sessions taking place online on 22nd September.
  • networking app to pre-schedule your meetings with any speaker, exhibitor, or other attendees
  • online marketplace, networking and exhibition hall open for 30 days post-event
  • access to post-event presentations (where available)

*The Digital Government 2020 is Free for Public Sector workers.

Learn more about the event by click here or explore the agenda by visiting this page.

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