Most Empowering Female Consultancy

We won the Most Empowering Female Consultancy of the year in CV Magazine’s 2019 Small Business Awards. 

CV Magazine Small Business Awards seek to reward the most dedicated, innovative and hard-working small businesses around the world.  
They accolade is awarded after meticulous research and analysis is done to establish what makes Cadance stand out against the other 125 million small businesses around the world!  

CV Magazine told us: 

“Small businesses form the backbone of our corporate landscape despite the trying hardships and obstacles they may face along the path of success! Their continued dedication and innovation is not purely showcased through their size or number of employees but also through the benefits of a tight knit workforce, outstanding customer service and a determination to succeed. The 2019 Small Business Awards will seek out, reward and highlight only the best that this wonderfully vibrant industry has to offer and discards factors which we would consider irrelevant when it comes to running a successful small business! It is our core belief that a successful small business is not only represented through its financial achievements or the popularity of its products and services but also by the relationships they hold within the workplace.” 

Mentoring and coaching for business transformation 

Constant change is a permanent fixture in business and digital transformation. Organisations need to create space and tools to enable their people to adapt to this change. A mentoring and coaching programme can help. Gita Singham-Willis, Director at Cadence Innova, on “How to Adapt to Change” Today’s leaders are instrumental

The benefits of reducing the Gender Pay Gap

How doing it can help organisations maximise employee engagement, create a happier work environment and increase profit? The Gender Pay Gap is a measure of the difference between men’s and women’s average hourly earnings across an organisation or the labour market and it is expressed as a percentage of men’s earnings.​ It exposes how men and

Barriers to innovation

Remember the days when you were a fledgling start-up company? Every day was about creativity and innovation. You employed bright, innovative people. Your goals were to identify a problem and create an interesting solution. Your passion was to think out of the box and be recognised as an Innovator, to

The unexpected benefits of Sprinting

At Cadence Innova we have fully embraced agile ways of working and the practice of working in sprints. There was method behind this evolution. We expected it to increase efficiency, help us deliver smarter and faster and help our clients save effort and money. This has all gone to plan.

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