Cadence presented at the Digital transformation enablement online event

Empower your teams to improve services and reduce costs

All Public Sector organisations are facing unprecedented challenges, with significant budget deficits, and the need to deliver more for less.

To innovate, you need to understand and measure your current operation but – where do you start? Empower your teams to input ideas and suggestions, improve services and reduce costs.

On 10th September 2020 we took part in an online event that presented few ways of helping address some of the challenges you face. We provided:

  • A summary of how technology can help you understand what your people do and the value they provide
  • Prioritise transformation based on costs and benefits you can deliver
  • Accelerate transformation decision making and get your team started
  • Understanding how to shift the mindset of your organisation and build support for the changes to deliver the promised value

You need to understand and measure your residents’ and patients’ needs, building one view of the ‘customer’. Delivering services digitally in a way that appeals to your customers, will reduce your overall cost of service delivery. You will also free up resources who can focus on new and innovative ways to deliver services, creating a more efficient, cost effective and safer environment for all. Once you have evidence of your customers needs, you can work with partners to find smarter ways of working.

  • You could start with the processes that patients and internal customers complain about most or the ones you think are most expensive to operate.
  • How do you prioritise the rest? Few organisations have the evidence and metrics they need to make these decisions with confidence.
  • You could run workshops to collate data from your staff & correlate this with your IT system data but that would be time consuming and expensive. There is a better way.

Process Discovery tools enable you to “crowd source” the knowledge across your team and automatically extract metrics from systems and staff behaviour. We have demonstrated how these work during the event. You can watch the whole event by clicking on the button below.

The online event was sponsored by UiPath, T-Impact & Cadence Innova.

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