1st October, 2018 | ,

The unexpected benefits of Sprinting

At Cadence Innova we have fully embraced agile ways of working and the practice of working in sprints. There was method behind the, let’s call it, evolution. We expected it to increase efficiency, help us deliver smarter and faster and help our clients save effort and money. This has all gone to plan. Perhaps what we didn’t expect is that we would enjoy it quite so much.

No idea is a bad idea. We are encouraged to share our thoughts. Sometimes from the most outrageous or funny suggestion an idea is born that turns into an innovative solution for a customer.

So why are we enjoying working in sprints so much?

  1. We are united – Nobody wants to sit at an isolated desk all day after a morning commute and then travel home again, having only communicated with others in formal meetings. That’s why we’ve replaced the solitary desks with project tables. The project table is a vibrant and happy place to work. We share ideas, stories, food and anything else going. We help each other through difficult tasks. Because nobody wants to struggle with a difficult task alone.
  2. We have a voice – Nobody has to wait to be invited to a formal meeting to find out what’s going on and to offer an opinion. Everyone is kept in the know and on the same page at all times.
    We can express our crazy ideas – No idea is a bad idea. We are encouraged to share our thoughts. Sometimes an idea can be born from the most outrageous or funny suggestion, then grow into an innovative solution for a customer.
  3. There is no hierarchy – Of course we have our individual roles but this is real teamwork with shared responsibility and accountability. Nobody has to worry about being wrong; we will all work to make it right.
  4. We work together and celebrate when we get there – We constantly discuss our common goals so there is no opportunity for people to go off track. We are one team heading in one direction with one goal in mind. And when we get there we celebrate together and enjoy the success.
  5. The walls are colourful – Gone are the grey walls. Our office is covered in post it notes, diagrams, ideas, drawings and random thoughts. It helps breed creativity and brightens up the day.

So, for me anyway, there is no going back. For team well-being and productive working – try sprinting.

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