Digital 26th March, 2020

Rapid Response Service details

Introduction  Cadence is offering a Rapid Response service to help people and organisations during this unprecedented move to large-scale remote working. Helping you get to the new normal of remote working, Cadence Innova will be running a series of free webinars, primarily focused on live demonstrations driven by your questions, to help you get more… View Article

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Digital 19th March, 2020

Are you ready for sustained remote working?

Remote Working: The New Normal?  The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has triggered – through necessity – exponential growth in remote working and the need for more sophisticated and considered approaches to collaboration.   Although it might seem straightforward for office-based people to simply head home, armed with a laptop and a mobile device, there are some wider implications that should be considered to ensure you or your teams can work effectively in this way, and sustain doing so for a potentially long period. For those unfamiliar with remote working,… View Article

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Insights Two professional women in conversation 29th July, 2019

Mentoring and coaching for business transformation 

Mentoring and coaching at the heart of business transformation Constant change is a permanent fixture in business and digital transformation. Organisations need to create space and tools to enable their people to adapt to this change. A mentoring and coaching programme can help.   Gita Singham-Willis, Partner at Cadence Innova, on “How to Adapt to… View Article

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