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How to buy our services through the Government frameworks

Cadence Innova is registered on various procurement catalogues, providing you with choice and direct access to buying our services. Select them from the following list:

Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3, RM1043

The Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework enables public sector organisations to access people and technology for digital projects. We supply various services through all four lots of the framework: digital outcomes; digital specialists; user research studios; and user research participants 

G-Cloud 11, RM1557.11

The G-Cloud 11 Framework is for use by UK Public sector organisations, including agencies and arm’s length bodies, to purchase commodity based, pay-as-you go cloud services, and find specialists who can work on digital projects. The latest iteration of G-Cloud strengthens demands on suppliers for policies concerning Corporate Social Responsibility, equality in the workplace and regulations applying to employee rights in supply chain companies.
G-Cloud 11 also involves security and the need for suppliers to meet more stringent requirements for protection against cyber-attacks and viruses. Cadence Innova’s services are available through two lots of the framework: Cloud Software, and Cloud Support service.

Management Consultancy Framework 2 – RM6008

The Management Consultancy Two Framework (MCF) provides central government and the wider public sector with access to consultancy advice and delivery from a wide range of suppliers. Cadence Innova is offering services through Lot 1 (Business Consultancy Services); Lot 2 (Procurement, Supply Chain and Commercial Consultancy services)

Public Sector Resourcing – RM3749

Public Sector Resourcing (PSR) is a single lot framework through which public sector authorities can source consultants and temporary workers.  Key policy initiatives addressed include off-payroll working in the public sector (IR35).

You may nominate Cadence Innova to manage on-boarding and vetting and we can further guide you through the recruitment process. Time-sheet payments are managed using SAP’s Fieldglass Vendor Management System (VMS). The cost for this service is covered by the framework.

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