After COVID-19: Reflections and Opportunities

By anyone’s measure, 2020 has been an extraordinary and immensely challenging year: for nations, for communities, for families and for business. Innovation, creativity and fresh thinking has never been more necessary, and from chaos and disruption comes opportunity and new beginnings.  

How we can help

Cadence Innova helps deliver and embed successful change. From the implementation and adoption of new technology, to cultural transformation, better organisation design, more user-centred services and buildings optimisation, we support our clients in defining, designing and embedding their vision for the future. Cadence Innova: Enabling Success

For many organisations, rapid adoption of remote-working tech suddenly became essential. With little time for planning or prep, people went home en masse, and got online. Some months now in the making, new patterns and habits are emerging and the future of work – whilst not completely clear – is getting mapped out. So, do you know how your people are? What they are thinking, feeling and experiencing? Our made-to-measure survey acts as a temperature check, helping you make better, data-driven decisions in support of a stable and effective workforce. Our business change experts can work with you to understand and manage stakeholder expectations, communicate brilliantly, embed new skills and support long-term wellbeing. Please follow the links below to look at some recent insights or email us to find out more. 

Returning to the ‘new normal’ or Returning to the office

Changes to the way you work, or the work that you do, can often mean making commensurate changes to how your organisation is structured, led and managed. There are opportunities, too. Traditional structures and hierarchies may be less obvious – and perhaps less powerful – with a window now open to redesign the key organisational systems and processes that drive behaviour and create culture. Strategic leaders and OD specialists should be taking hold of such opportunities with both hands.

With geographical location less critical and business travel/commuting potentially less important, there is real opportunity to benefit from the advantages of a more diverse workforce, with new access to people who for many reasons need to stay closer to home. At Cadence, equality of opportunity and diversity is close to our hearts. One example is our championing of the careers of single parents, where we embrace a level of flexibility that allows for the balance of domestic responsibilities with rewarding, developmental, interesting work. 

Our deep experience in organisation design and development, and optimal operating models, helps us work with our clients to create healthy, living systems that deliver on strategy and provide great places to work. Click here to read more about this or, for a deeper discussion, get in touch via

It’s probably fair to say that it’s taken most organisations a bit of time to catch up – culturally and behaviourally – with what commonplace technology has long been able to deliver, although the COVID-19 pandemic has moved us all forward a good few years! However, rapid adoption is precisely that, and is driven by necessity and the need for speed. Our change consultants and smarter working tech experts can help you get the very best from the technology you are using. They will work with you to understand your outcomes, objectives and ideal ways of working, then configuring, building and embedding the technology solutions to make it all happen. The future is only just beginning. Follow the links below to read more about that future and how we may be able to help.

Remote working: the new normal? or A digital health check – Preparing for the future of education

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Smarter Working trend was taking hold. Now, as months have passed with dramatic differences to both how and where people work, old conventions no longer hold, and many organisations are paying more attention to physical workspace. Amongst our clients, the picture is varied, but most agree that an office-based desk for everyone is neither necessary nor desirable in the long term. By taking an open-minded, creative approach to estates and buildings, there is the chance to design a new environment and conditions that work for all varieties of personal preference, raising the well-being quotient in the process.

Since the pandemic began, buildings optimisation has been an increasingly prominent part of our Smarter Working projects. Blended teams, comprising strategists, change consultants and workspace design experts can help you make a big difference for your business, your people and your bottom line. Click here to read more about Smarter working or here to read some insights into what the ‘new normal‘ might look like. Email us for a discussion on


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