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Merging two government organisations


Our government Non-Departmental Public Body (NDPB) client was created after a Machinery of Government change which resulted in one organisation being dissolved and the new one created. Our client inherited the technology and data systems from the two original organisations. These systems met the previous organisational requirements and have evolved with a trajectory towards cloud-based systems and solutions. However, it was recognised early on in the Higher Education Landscape Reform process that the client, with its new regulatory focus, brings significant new requirements and the need for some enterprise/organisation-wide solutions. These requirements could not be met by the technology and business processes which served the original organisations and the Digital, Data and Technology Transformation (DDaT) Programme was set up to address this need.


Cadence Innova were appointed as the Strategic Delivery Partner to the client and have been working with the client to develop and deliver the DDaT programme to replace the existing ICT and Digital infrastructure. The client became operational on 3rd April 2018 and the DDaT programme included the time critical activity to support the launch of the new organisation.


The first 5 phases of the programme have been successfully delivered and planning work is underway for the delivery of Phase 6.
Key achievements so far include:

  • The client has been migrated from on premise systems to the cloud.
  • The ongoing rollout of collaboration and productivity tools is supporting the organisation’s drive towards a flexible resourcing model.
  • The implementation of a CRM and provider portal is supporting implementation of the Regulatory Framework and allowing the organisation to fulfil its duties as an efficient and effective modern regulator
  • The CRM supports the client’s remit and business processes by providing workflow, audit, evidence-based decision making and risk-based review.
  • The CRM system provides sufficient flexibility to allow the client to further develop and evolve its processes without being constrained by the selected technology
  • The new infrastructure allows growth to meet changing demands and peaks and troughs (cloud based)
  • The work completed so far supports the transition to the client’s Technology Strategy where the IT team can concentrate on supporting the core business rather than developing in-house solutions or supporting the underlying IT infrastructure
  • The new infrastructure is ‘Evergreen” so that underlying tools are maintained and upgraded, meaning the client does not need to make costly step changes in versions.
  • Delivery so far has fulfilled the expectations of the client and Cadence is continuing to work with the client to implement the rest of the programme.