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Digital transformation of a transport company



National Rail Enquiries receive 62 million phone calls per year, putting a huge strain on resources. NRE management was keen to redirect phone traffic by improving their online service, and approached Cadence to develop a digital strategy to support this move.

Our digital strategy transitioned National Rail Enquiries from receiving 62 million phone calls per year to an almost 100% online service.


Cadence developed a strategy to seamlessly integrate procurement, transformation and digital with the correct personnel. We went on to lead the procurement and implementation of sustainable cloud technologies, including cloud hosting, Service Integration and Management Services. As ever, the focus was purely on customer needs. We supported the complex customer journey of ticket options and pricing to optimal journey planning and real time train information.


Cadence successfully oversaw the transition of the largest travel and transport website and business service provider in the UK. The adoption of sustainable cloud technologies transitioned the service to almost 100% online. The digital channels get more than 1 million visits each weekday, with more than 5 million apps downloaded.
Our work won recognition through the 28 awards the project received, notably Multi-Sourcing Project of the Year.