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The NHS identified a need to provide a service that would enable people to manage their own health issues. However, they had no idea where to start or what this service would look like. Cadence stepped up to the challenge.

Every day people use the NHS digital services we designed and built.


To improve the delivery of NHS Choices we introduced a refreshed way of working whereby the outsourced providers worked directly with the Department of Health stakeholders and customers. This direct relationship quickly established trust and greatly improved the quality and speed of delivery. Following the initial launch, we established a lean programme to tender the long-term operation of the service successfully.


NHS Choices has effectively mitigated the burden on frontline staff and services by providing patients with autonomy over their day-to-day medical needs. The service was launched by the Secretary of State, and Cadence continued its leadership role of NHS Choices for some time after launch, by which time the service was recognised as the leading digital health service in Europe.