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Closing the gender pay gap


Closing the gender pay gap (GPG) was the top strategic priority for our government client and, from 6 April 2017, employers in Great Britain with more than 250 staff are required, by law, to publish data about their GPG. The GPG is the difference in earnings received by men and women. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) calculate this gap using the difference between the average gross hourly earnings excluding overtime of men and women, as a percentage of men’s earnings.
Our client needed a web service for reporting this data to be up and running quickly, and no later than March 2017. As a result, a project was commissioned by the client to recommend and produce an appropriate “digital” response to deliver the required solution in August 2016.


Cadence was appointed to lead the Discovery Team in August 2016 and were then commissioned to do Alpha and Beta prototypes/testing (Minimum Viable Product or MVP). Cadence worked in partnership with the client to design and build the web services needed by employers to report their GPG data to government and to make this data available to the public; the intent being to improve scrutiny of the gap and so encourage employers to take action to close it. Cadence worked as part of a blended team with the client being upskilled as we delivered. The project followed the 18 Government Digital Service (GDS) design principles and standards and successfully passed the GDS assessment and review, including spend control and value for money assessment.


Cadence successfully passed the GDS private beta assessment and delivered into public beta a comprehensive reporting service for all large organisations (including public sector organisations) as well as a viewing service for influencers. By working in small agile ‘family’ groups, we established and incubated our internal culture of trust, safety and mutual respect and exceeded the expectations of the client. Most of all, it was achieved through focus on communication and empowered Cadence resources who were able to share expertise and experience with the client.

Cadence’s Gender Pay Gap project won the award for Excellence in Project Delivery in The Department for Education’s annual awards for exceptional performance. This award was about the quality of delivery and demonstrated where there would be lasting positive impact in our wider society. It was the only award presented ‘in-person’ by the Secretary of State.
Cadence is still engaged today with ongoing agile product development that has delivered multiple improvements to this new service.