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Indy Rathore

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Indy Rathore is a consultant at Cadence Innova,

joining us from local government where he had worked since graduating some years earlier.

He embraces living life in the moment and has no fear of the learning curve. His friends are convinced he should get a cat.

Just over a year into his time with Cadence, Indy took the time out to share a bit more about himself. Read on for more about his experiences getting started in consultancy.

Personal Questions: Hi Indy – thanks for agreeing to this conversation. I’d like to start with a really open question…possibly one you aren’t expecting! What makes you happy?

Indy Rathore: Oh! No – I wasn’t expecting that. But, as you ask, I’m really curious to see what’s around the corner. I’m not afraid of the the unexpected. I like a new opportunity and I’m happy to try new things and take on what life throws at me. It’s more exciting that way.

PQ: Do you think this approach to life has influenced the choices you’ve made? If so, how?

IR: So, in consultancy, you never know what you’re going to be dealing with and who you’ll meet and that appealed to me. My former manager told me what was involved, and it sounded like something that would work for me – the variety, the different work, to expect the unexpected. Even the tougher experiences are all part of the learning.

PQ: What have you found so far, after a year as a consultant?

IR: The thing that stays with me most is that before an assignment starts, you never really know what you’re going to find. What we do though is bring the best of our skills and experience together to tackle the work or the problem that needs to be solved – the reason the client has engaged us. You get loads of support from colleagues – it’s like the hive mind! It means whatever the situation, you know it’s going to get sorted.

PQ: What has it been like, working for Cadence?

IR: To be honest, it’s been awesome. In the first couple of weeks, people were really supportive and made me realist that it’s all about how you learn and solve the problem, and that I didn’t have to pretend to know everything. Everyone was super-helpful and super-nice. They made me realise it was OK to ask the questions I needed to ask. My biggest fear was joining a private sector company from the public sector and that I wouldn’t always know the answers. What I know now is that you learn fast, and it’s the quality of your thinking and willingness to absorb new things that really counts.

PQ: …and what was your biggest takeaway from your first assignment?

IR: With the right support, and access to the right resources, a curious and positive person, if they make the effort, can do things they never believed they could do. I had more freedom to explore my potential than I ever believed I would have, and I had total confidence knowing my more experienced colleagues were on hand to help. There is the freedom and responsibility to do that.

PQ: What do you know about yourself now that you didn’t know before?

IR: My latest assignment feedback showed I am more resilient than I ever believed and that I can deal with things head on, when I need to. I also know that resourcefulness is one of my strengths. I can find or find out pretty much anything!

PQ: And finally, what advice would you give to others who might be thinking about consulting as a career?

IR: Don’t doubt yourself and give it your best shot. Everything you’ve done to so far has prepared you for this.

Resourceful, Resilient, Fearless

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