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Embedding agile working across a government department



Introducing digital services via traditional programme methodologies was proving unsuccessful and costly for a central government department. Keen to explore the use of agile working to support their digital programmes, the department engaged Cadence to embed a new way of working.

Combining agile and digital expertise with insight into the mechanics of government organisations was the perfect recipe for innovation.


Our unique combination of agile and digital expertise, together with our insight into the mechanics of government organisations, was the perfect recipe for innovation. By using rapid prototyping – an example of best practice from the technology sector – and empirical user research, we have developed products and services in cost efficient time scales, whilst keeping the focus on the customer experience.


Cadence’s sustainable approach not only shortened the life cycle of a pivotal project, it addressed a key issue (Gender Pay Gap) within the public forum. Cadence is now working across the department to apply agile thinking in ongoing digital programmes.